Thursday, 12 March 2020

How MS Office Diagnostic Tool helps in fixing the MS Office Problems?

Microsoft Office is the software which is used by all the firms and institutions. As this software provide latest tools to design, edit documents in Word, creating professional presentation in PowerPoint, and performing calculations in Excel etc. This software nowadays becomes the major player as it increases the productivity of every organization. You can install this software through But sometimes the user faces problem, the problem is not due to the Office suite, but the problem is in your computer itself. The problem is due to the faulty RAM or the problem is in the hard disk drive. Microsoft offers a MS DiagnosticTool  which helps to run a battery test or it is like a MRI Scan. It helps to repair and detect features.

Microsoft Diagnostic Tool Which Helps to Fix issues:
  1. Setup DiagnosticThis helps to examine the installation files and registry settings. This also helps to monitor the viruses and improper installation. But sometimes it delayed the execution of application because of file corruption or hardware crash. This tool takes time to solve the issues.
  2. Disk Diagnostic: This tool helps to test the hard disk whether it is operating correctly and also scans the hard disk for multiple problems. As sometimes vibration generated by power, corrupts the hard disk capacity. This tool helps to fix the issues in hard drive and also search the damaged data file. It analysis its Window System Event log and Smart features.
  3. Memory DiagnosticThis tool checks the stability of your RAM.
  4. Update Diagnostic: This tool helps to check the update issues. It looks that all the updates are installed in your computer and your Office suite. As updates smoother the bugs and make your computer system more stable.
  5. Compatibility Issues: This tool will diagnose the different versions of MS Office software which are available on your device. Incompatible versions which create issues or problems must be eliminated.
  6. Check for Known IssuesIt also checks the vast database of Microsoft’s crash cases and gives the ideal solutions for the problem.
  7. But if you are still facing some issues then you can contact to the customer care executive of MSOffice through  For help and support you can call on toll free number any time. As the customer care executive are available all the time for the user.

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